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Licensing and Ordination


Pastor Richard Greene – Director of Licensing
Dr. Irma L. Sykes – Asst. Director 

I. Types of Ministerial Credentials:

Credential shall be offered conferring ministerial authority at two (2) levels:

Pastoral Ordination shall be offered exclusively to those who will serve as senior Pastors over independent congregations or as Pastors over independent ministries.

Ministerial License shall be offered to those who will serves as associate ministers or in supporting roles within our churches. This license is designed primarily to certify the fitness of ministers within the local church who will assist their Pastor in the work of the ministry. This license will also be available to those who do the work of Evangelism by preaching in various churches crusades and other venues outside the local churches.

II. Requirement for application for credentials:

A. Experience - Candidates for ordination/license must have been saved for no less than two years.

B. Pastoral approval - each non-Pastoring candidate must have the written approval of his/her Pastor under whom they are presently serving. The Fellowship will assume that the applicant's Pastor has verified the authenticity of their call to the ministry and will operate in support of that Pastor's decision.

C. References - Senior Pastors who will be applying for ordinations must have the endorsement of three Senior Pastors who will attest to their fitness for the Pastoral office.

III. Requirement for Receiving Credentials:

A. Ministerial Preparation Seminars - Candidates for the ministerial license must attend the Ministerial Preparation Seminars offered at the convention at which they are seeking to be licensed. Pastors seeking ordination may be excused for all or some portions of these seminars at the discretion of the Bishop.

B. Written Examination - Candidates must pass a written examination that will be administered on Friday afternoon of the convention.

C. Oral Examination - following successful completion of the written exam, candidates are to appear before a panel of pastors who will offer them instruction and reaffirm their fitness for ministerial authority.

D. The ordination/Licensing Services - Candidates are to be present at the Friday Evening Services of the Annual Convention, at which time they will be publicly acknowledged, received into ministerial status and presented to the fellowship.

New License: If this is your first time obtaining a license from Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches, Inc. Click here to go to Online Application

License Renewal: Renew your license here. Click here to go to Online Application


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