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General Ministry Vision

Church Planting and Nurturing -Shield of Faith has been raised up by God in these last days to do the work of church-planting and church-nurturing. We are committed to the restoration of Biblical and Apostolic practices in the Body of Christ as well as the full restoration of New Testament Church government. We will plant and nurture churches that are sincerely committed to being a part of an end-times move of God.

Development of Young Churches -Our immediate priorities focus on providing apostolic oversight and direction to those who are led by God to look to us for direction.

Practical Assistance - Because we recognize that no one organization is likely to meet every need, it is our policy that our churches may be aligned with other organizations in addition to our own. It is our commitment to assure that each pastor and church has access to the information and assistance needed to make their ministry vision become reality.

Fresh Ministry Style - Shield of Faith also seeks consistently to employ ministry styles that present the unchanging truths of the Word in an always relevant and up-to-date fashion that will be appealing and effective in its current environment.

Crossing Denominational Barriers - A key objective is to skillfully reach across denominational boundaries in the pursuit of full restoration of God's church to the New Testament pattern. However, we are in no wise so driven by the desire for impact that we are willing to compromise the essential truths of the Word of God.

Harmony and Unity of the Body - Membership in the Shield of Faith Fellowship is open to all pastors who feel to be part after having carefully examined our "Terms of Affiliation" Document. Participation should not be seen as requiring an exclusive relationship with this body, nor should it be seen requiring withdrawal from other truth-proclaiming, doctrinally-sound organization.

Multiplying Ministries - The key to our concept operation is the notion of "Reproducible Ministries"



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